At Fabio's we specialise in the art of Gelato! Our flavours tantalise the senses, using classic combinations to create a rich, creamy dessert. All our Gelato is made in our own factory, allowing us to bring an authentic touch of Italy to your palate.

Fabio's is based in the heart of historic Stellenbosch, with our café tables out on the sidewalk. Come and sit down in our café and enjoy the eclectic sights, or take your Gelato with you while you walk around our beautiful town. We also supply wholesale. Feel free to order directly on our online ordering page, or contact us via email or phone.

Fabio's Fabulous Gelato Cart

A new addition to the Fabio’s offering, our gorgeous cart is available for functions, markets, parties and anywhere you just absolutely must have Gelato!


The cart can be filled with your choice of sticks, 175ml tubs or Gelato and cones.


Please contact the store directly to bring the Fabio’s cart to you.

Online Ordering

All our Gelato flavours are available for wholesale.

The minimum orders are:

-10 sticks of each flavour

-12 175ml tubs of each flavour

-5l tubs of each flavour


Please note, if ordering wholesale and the order is less than the minimum, we will round up to make up for the difference.



We offer deliveries to our wholesale clients. Deliveries are available on Mondays and Thursdays. Emergency deliveries can be arranged, for when you just can’t be without your Fabio’s Gelato!



We can provide a Fabio’s Freezer for our wholesale clients, meaning more Fabio’s, at less cost to you. These fridges are also suitable for small retail stores, supplying your customers with delicious Fabio's Gelato.